Euros 2024

We will be showing all the Euro 2024 matches here at Cosgrove Park!

All matches will be shown at the Summer Events Marquee unless stated:
 Friday 14th June  8pm  Germany Vs Scotland
 Saturday 15th June  2pm  Hungary Vs Switzerland
 Saturday 15th June  5pm  Spain Vs Croatia
 Saturday 15th June  8pm  Italy Vs Albania
 Sunday 16th June  2pm  Poland Vs Netherlands
 Sunday 16th June  5pm  Slovenia Vs Denmark
 Sunday 16th June  8pm  Serbia Vs England
 Monday 17th June  2pm  Romania Vs Ukraine (Showing at the Lakeside Bistro)
 Monday 17th June  5pm  Belgium Vs Slovakia
 Monday 17th June  8pm  Austria Vs France
 Tuesday 18th June  5pm  Turkey Vs Georgia
 Tuesday 18th June  8pm  Portugal Vs Czech Republic
 Wednesday 19th June  2pm  Croatia Vs Albania (Showing at the Lakeside Bistro)
 Wednesday 19th June  5pm  Germany Vs Hungary
 Wednesday 19th June  8pm  Scotland Vs Switzerland
 Thursday 20th June  2pm  Slovenia Vs Serbia (Showing at the Lakeside Bistro)
 Thursday 20th June  5pm  Denmark Vs England
 Thursday 20th June  8pm  Spain Vs Italy
 Friday 21st June  2pm  Slovakia Vs Ukraine (Showing at the Lakeside Bistro)
 Friday 21st June  5pm  Poland Vs Austria
 Friday 21st June  8pm  Netherlands Vs France
 Saturday 22nd June  2pm  Georgia Vs Czech Republic
 Saturday 22nd June  5pm  Turkey Vs Portugal
 Saturday 22nd June  8pm  Belgium Vs Romania
 Sunday 23rd June  8pm  Switzerland Vs Germany
 Sunday 23rd June  8pm  Scotland Vs Hungary
 Monday 24th June  8pm  Croatia Vs Italy
 Monday 24th June  8pm  Albania Vs Spain
 Tuesday 25th June  5pm  Netherlands Vs Austria
 Tuesday 25th June  5pm  France Vs Poland
 Tuesday 25th June  8pm  England Vs Slovenia
 Tuesday 25th June  8pm  Denmark Vs Serbia
 Wednesday 26 June  5pm  Slovakia Vs Romania
 Wednesday 26 June  5pm  Ukraine vs Belgium
 Wednesday 26 June  8pm  Georgia vs Portugal
 Wednesday 26 June  8pm  Czech Republic Vs Turkey
 Saturday 29th June  5pm  Football  38 2nd: A vs 2nd B
 Saturday 29th June  8pm  Football 37 1st: A vs 2nd C
 Sunday 30th June  5pm  Football 40 1st: C vs 3rd D/E/F
 Sunday 30th June  8pm  Football 39 1st: B vs 3rd A/D/E/F
 Monday 1st July  5pm  Football 42 2nd: D vs 2nd E
 Monday 1st July  8pm  Football 41 1st F vs 3rd A/B/C
 Tuesday 2nd July  5pm  Football 43 1st: E vs 3rd A/B/C/D - Round of 16
 Tuesday 2nd July  8pm  Football 44 1st D vs 2nd F - Round of 16
 Friday 5th July  5pm  Football - W39 vs W37
 Friday 5th July  8pm  Football W41 vs W42
 Saturday 6th July  5pm  Football W40 vs W38 - Quarter Finals
 Saturday 6th July  8pm  Football W43 vs W44 - Quarter Finals
 Tuesday 9th July  8pm  Football W45 Vs W46
 Wednesday 10th July  8pm  Football W47 vs W48
 Sunday 14th July  8pm Football W49 vs W50

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